11 New Partners Further Enrich SME On-Demand Solution SAP Business ByDesign

Originally published April 29, 2010

SAP AG recenty announced 11 new partners have developed complementary solutions that further enhance the customer value and user experience of SAP Business ByDesign, the comprehensive, fully integrated on-demand solution dedicated to companies in the small and midsize enterprise (SME) market. The complementary solutions provided by such partners allow for additional customer-focused capabilities and expertise for eCommerce, credit card processing, shipping services, telephony and mobility integration, data exchange in the export business and commodity catalogue content. Available for the current version of SAP Business ByDesign, these solutions complement those available for the previous feature pack.

"SAP works closely with a variety of partners to create and integrate complementary innovative solutions for SAP Business ByDesign," said Doug Merritt, executive vice president, On-Demand Solutions, SAP. "We will continue to enrich the solution with partner-developed capabilities, based on customer and market feedback. Delivering complementary solutions like the 11 new ones through our ecosystem allows SAP to leverage the domain specific knowledge of our partners and meet customer requirements even faster."

Complementary Solutions Provide Additional Customer Value

The complementary partner offerings increase the versatility of SAP Business ByDesign and supplement the solution's ability to improve and automate key business processes for midsize companies. The following partners support transactional processes by specific content and/or provide complete processes seamlessly integrated with SAP Business ByDesign.

  • Abaco Mobile Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, provides mobile users with a rich mobile composite framework (MCS) leveraging MS .net for laptop, tablets, PDA and Smartphone. The first scenario developed and deployed is Abaco Mobile Service for SAP Business ByDesign (MS). MS is a mobile composite that exposes the mobile Web-service enabled content for service order management, confirmation management, integrated route planning with external map service, full access to customer contact information and the ability to capture customer signature. Abaco also enables integration with mobile device capabilities like telephony, e-mail or GPS. This application provides mobile users with maximum flexibility as it can operate in occasionally disconnected and connected environments, without the need of middleware component. It automatically updates information once connection is detected to the SAP Business ByDesign system.

  • Bundesanzeiger Verlag, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is a publishing house that offers content for Intrastat reporting to all charter clients in European Union (EU) countries. This includes the Commodity Catalogue for Foreign Trade Statistics, which is available for upload into SAP Business ByDesign.

  • Computop, based in Bamberg, Germany, delivers an international payment solution that provides integrated credit card authorization and settlement services for SAP Business ByDesign. Computop Paygate is available both for mail/telephone order and eCommerce order processing. Computop Paygate is certified according to credit card schemes' standards (PCI DSS) and offers midsize enterprises a secure and worry-free way of accepting credit card payments.

  • CUSTOMS Info, headquartered in Eden, Utah, enables clients to increase supply chain velocity and decrease global duty spending. For SAP Business ByDesign, CUSTOMS Info provides a commodity catalog for foreign trade statistics. The package eliminates the need for manual updates and entries, and thus helps ensure up-to-date, consistent data, compliant to legal regulations.

  • hybris, a global multi-channel commerce vendor, offers a pre-integrated, enterprise-class eCommerce solution for SAP Business ByDesign. hybris' on-demand B2B and B2C eCommerce solution for SAP Business ByDesign, called hybris Commerce for SAP Business ByDesign, helps ensure that online sales transactions are automatically synchronized into SAP Business ByDesign. In addition, stock availability information residing in SAP Business ByDesign can be accessed from the hybris solution in real time during the checkout process. hybris also imports data from product catalogues created in SAP Business ByDesign and can be fully integrated with the partner solutions from Paymetric or Computop for integrated credit card payment, providing a holistic solution.

  • Office Depot, based in Boca Raton, Florida, with subsidiaries all over the world, delivers an Open Catalogue Interface (OCI), which supports the purchasing process. It enables the use of external catalogues directly from SAP Business ByDesign to easily find general office supplies, computer supplies, business machines and related supplies, office furniture or services, and to get better transparency on prices. The interface allows for data to be used directly from suppliers catalogues, thus ensuring data quality and simplifying processes.

  • Pacejet Logistics, Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, provides on-demand shipping software for growing and midsize businesses. Pacejet extends SAP Business ByDesign with complete Web-based multi-carrier shipping and packing functionality to manage parcel, truck and partial load (LTL) shipments. The solution offers automatic freight rating across multiple carriers/services, item-level tracking, labels and paperwork, export shipping, and shipment tracking and reporting. By automating and enhancing the shipping process, Pacejet reduces costs, improves customer service and builds competitive advantage.

  • Paymetric, based in Atlanta, Georgia, delivers an on-demand payment processing service that enables credit card transactions to flow securely from SAP Business ByDesign to a multitude of credit card processing acquirers and banks. Paymetric's electronic payment integration and tokenization solutions allow companies to streamline the order-to-cash process by integrating credit card acceptance into the standard SAP Business ByDesign workflow for sales orders processing. Paymetric's solution reduces the cost and scope of achieving compliance against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • Schweitzer Fachinformationen, based in Munich, Germany, provides SAP Business ByDesign users with an extensive catalogue of international books, eBooks, journals, newspapers, documents and other sources of all professional information their R&D, legal, human resources, management, sales, marketing and various other departments require. Schweitzer offers a worldwide delivery service, electronic invoicing, state-of-the art reporting and excellent tools for information management.

  • SEEBURGER, based in Bretten, Germany, has developed the solution "SEEBURGER Automated Exports System (AES) Managed B2B Services for SAP Business ByDesign," which enables the electronic export declaration and the data exchange between the exporter and the German customs authorities. This is of particular value, as the electronic usage of the export declaration is mandatory as of July 2009 for shipments to any destination outside the European Community.

  • Siemens Enterprise Communications delivers the first seamless unified communications (UC) integration with SAP Business ByDesign. OpenScape for SAP Business ByDesign provides seamless integration of SEN Group's industry-leading UC. Based on industry standards, OpenScape can unify existing telephony systems (PABX) with SAP Business ByDesign offerings for Communications Enabled Business Processes (CEBP). The solution also broadens calling functions and offers centralized management. Users will benefit from the productivity that comes with click-to-call, presence, one number service, caller ID with supporting contact detail information, unified messaging and voice mails delivered via e-mail. Fax functionality can also be added and linked into the SAP Business ByDesign process flow.
"We have chosen SAP Business ByDesign because of its innovative on-demand business model provided by SAP, which supports our growth strategy as trusted advisor," said Jurgen Grathwohl, financial controller at Telefunken Semiconductors, SAP Business ByDesign customer since 2009. "However, there are still demands for specific services that are required for customers to succeed in today's market. To accomplish this, we recognize the flexibility of SAP Business ByDesign as a business platform and the continued focus of SAP to create a thriving partner ecosystem around it. These factors allow us to gain further value by consuming supplementary services."

SOURCE: 11 New Partners Further Enrich SME On-Demand Solution SAP Business ByDesign