GrafTech Selects iWay EIM Suite

Originally published April 28, 2010

iWay Software, an Information Builders company and an innovator of enterprise integration solutions, recently announced that GrafTech International Ltd. has selected the iWay Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Suite to synthesize information among its global manufacturing, distribution, and sales operation. As a world leader in graphite material science with production facilities on four continents and sales operations in 70 countries, GrafTech is using iWay’s real-time process integration and data quality management software in conjunction with its JD Edwards ERP system, financial consolidation system, and SaaS CRM application.

“Our overriding strategy is to reach into many repositories of information and create a global view so we can improve our decision-making capabilities,” said David Hilmer, director of IT at GrafTech. “iWay can access any type of data, transform it into a common format, cleanse the data to improve quality, as well as build interfaces among our key business applications. It’s the linchpin of our IT standardization process.”

GrafTech is in the process of implementing JD Edwards OneWorld ERP system. The mid-market multinational company is also establishing enterprise standards for business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing. They picked iWay EIM Suite to orchestrate these data collection and harmonization efforts because of its comprehensive capabilities for improving security, managing events, and enforcing data quality. iWay Software has developed its entire platform in-house and uses its own professional services team to support and educate customers.

GrafTech has several iWay integration projects underway, including a new interface between its time collection system and its benefits system that will allow the company to retire a legacy AS/400 computer and its associated EDI communication links, instantly reducing communication costs.

“With iWay, we are developing much more robust and cost effective interfaces than we had before,” said Hilmer. “Regardless of the type of platform, protocol, or database, iWay creates the interfaces and manages the flow of data. Developers use the same basic skill set for EDI, FTP, Web services, and other types of interfaces. Also, we can build alerts right into the data flows to proactively resolve data management problems. Standardizing on a single platform allows us to leverage our investment and achieve the kind of ROI we are looking for on software projects.”

As GrafTech integrates its ERP system with third-party applications for financials, quotations, forecasting, and CRM, iWay Data Quality Manager will fix data quality disparities to create a master repository of customer data, sales history data, and contact information, transforming names, addresses, and other bits of information into a consistent format. “By using iWay to pull all this data together, we’ll end up with one version of the truth as part of the conversion process,” Hilmer concluded. “Leveraging software investments through reuse is a key part of our software portfolio management process. iWay helps us retire legacy applications and it fits well with our overall IT strategy.”

SOURCE: GrafTech Selects iWay EIM Suite