Fiberlink Announces the MaaS360 Any Connection Reporting Module

Originally published April 19, 2010

Fiberlink Communications Corporation, the provider of cloud-based Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, recently announced the MaaS360 Any Connection Reporting (ACR) module, the first and only visibility tool that reports on all wireless connections from mobile laptops, netbooks and desktops, regardless of service provider or connection manager. For the first time, IT and finance executives can gather valuable business intelligence about all their mobile workers’ behavior and use it to control mobile costs and increase data security across the enterprise.

Today’s mobile workers are connecting their laptops to the Internet from everywhere, seeking the connectivity needed to get their work done, without regard to cost or security. In the absence of centralized tracking and management, managers have no systematic way to track connection and cost data across their employees and service providers. As a result, mobile connection costs spiral upward along with increased security risks. Delivered as a cloud-based solution, Any Connection Reporting provides a complete picture of wireless network connectivity across the entire organization in a consolidated view.

“Most organizations support mobile workers without gathering the business intelligence they need to assess its productivity across the organization. They pay the price in out of control connectivity fees and security breaches,” said Ryan Hope, senior director of MaaS360 Engineering. “Any Connection Reporting gives IT and finance managers the visibility to manage mobile workers more productively.”

MaaS360’s Any Connection Reporting module provides visibility reporting on all connections made from laptops, netbooks and desktops regardless of transport, device type (USB, Embedded, tethered) or connection manager. Because it relies on the cloud-based MaaS360 platform, enterprises do not need to make a large capital investment in additional servers, software or facilities. Any Connection Reporting is simple to deploy and operate, and can easily scale from a handful of users to tens of thousands.

Relying on the business intelligence provided by Any Connection Reporting, organizations can now:

  • Reduce telecom/carrier costs for 3G data service plans by identifying employees who infrequently or never use their service plan.
  • Select the most appropriate and cost-effective connectivity plans by identifying how often employees are using wireless connections.
  • Reduce the number of hourly and daily Wi-Fi connection fees in hotels and public places by identifying connections made through fee-based service providers.
  • Simplify inventory management for mobile devices and data cards, thereby minimizing the need to purchase new hardware.
  • Reduce the potential for costly security breaches by identifying vulnerable open and unencrypted connections, then strengthening compliance reporting by providing documentation that wireless connections are being encrypted.

SOURCE: Fiberlink Announces the MaaS360 Any Connection Reporting Module