Klipfolio Emphasizes KPI Visibility as Key to Daily Performance Decisions

Originally published November 3, 2009

Denver, CO (Marketwire) November 3, 2009 – Allan Wille, CEO of Klipfolio, recently participated in an exclusive dashboard interview with Mary Jo Nott and the BeyeNETWORK (www.BeyeNETWORK.com). In this interview, Wille discusses how Klipfolio Dashboard leverages current enterprise applications and information systems to make critical and frequently changing key performance indicators (KPIs) visible outside the executive suite for operational decision makers throughout the enterprise.

“The vast majority of enterprise employees need simple, tactical KPIs to help align their activities to corporate goals,” says Allan Wille, CEO of Klipfolio. “Making these KPIs visible – as opposed to just available – is a subtle but important difference that has an immediate performance impact.”

“Klipfolio helps companies increase the visibility of key metrics for faster, informed decisions that improve performance and profitability,” says Mary Jo Nott, Executive Editor of the BeyeNETWORK. “Klipfolio Dashboard presents operational performance information right where it’s visible and actionable.”

Key discussion points covered in the interview include:

  • When analytical tools and operational dashboards complement one another
  • Why “K” is the most important letter in KPI
  • How operational KPIs empower more of the workforce

 Watch the interview on the importance of high-visibility KPI dashboards here.

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About Klipfolio
Klipfolio develops Klipfolio Dashboard - the KPI Dashboard - Evolved - to help the Fortune 1000 increase the visibility of key performance indicators for informed decisions that improve performance and profitability. Klipfolio Dashboard is the only enterprise dashboard that presents information where it's always visible and actionable. Clients include Intel, Staples, EMC and Lufthansa. For more information, visit www.klipfolio.com.

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SOURCE: Klipfolio Emphasizes KPI Visibility as Key to Daily Performance Decisions