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European Space Agency Chooses InterSystems CACHÉ Database Summary
ESA has selected the InterSystems CACHÉ high-performance object database to support the scientific processing of the Gaia mission.

New IBM Predictive Analytics Software Enables Users to Uncover and Analyze Information from Social Media Sources Summary
The new data mining and text analytics software allows users to monitor changes in consumer, constituent and employee attitudes, uncover deeper insights, and then predict key factors that will drive future customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

XtremeData Announces the Availability of the dbX 100 Series of Desk-Side Analytical Data Warehouse Appliances Summary
The dbX family of appliances is designed specifically for the unconstrained analysis and exploration of large data sets.

Syncsort Delivers DMExpress 6 Summary
DMExpress 6 is available for organizations experiencing exploding data volumes and reduced processing windows.

SAP Joins the Sustainability Consortium Summary
SAP will support the Sustainability Consortium's goal of developing open standards and transparent solutions to drive a new generation of products and supply networks that address environmental, social and economic imperatives.

Saama Technologies Revolutionizes the Way Enterprises are using Business Intelligence Summary
Exclusive interview featuring Saama Technologies’ Suresh Katta

Study Finds TCO for SaaS CPM Solutions is Significantly Lower than that of On-Premises Solutions Summary
The report found that the four-year TCO of Adaptive Planning’s SaaS solution is as much as 77 percent lower than that of comparable mid-market CPM solutions.

iVedix Partners with Cubeware Summary
The Premium Partnership enables iVedix to provide Cubeware’s newest technologies, which leverage existing data assets to drive efficiencies and improve customer engagement, to companies across North America.

Hunterdon Healthcare Selects InterSystems Ensemble Summary
Hunterdon Healthcare System is using the InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration and development platform as the foundation for a visionary strategy to provide continuity of care.

Teradata and Kalido Announce Partnership Summary
Teradata and Kalido will deliver rapid time to value data marts for businesses that are growing and ready to move quickly into advanced analytics.

PROPHIX's New Software Automates Budgeting, Planning and Consolidations for Half the Price of Traditional CPM Software Solutions Summary
PROPHIX 10 enables business users to analyze data, run reports from their desks, contribute to the planning process, and share critical information across the organization.

Lyzasoft Announces the Availability of a Free Version of Lyza Commons Summary
Lyza Commons enables analysts to collaborate intelligently with team members, customers and partners.

Kognitio and Quomation Insurance Services Form a Partnership Summary
Under the terms of the partnership, Kognitio and Quomation will offer on-demand pricing and re-rating service-based solutions that are targeted at helping the automotive insurance industry to become more agile and competitive.

TARGIT Releases TARGIT BI Suite 2K10 Summary
The most significant features in the new 2K10 version are the TARGIT iTop and the improvements on TARGIT’s special Sentinel technology.

eBay and Teradata Collaborate Summary
The two companies will work together to develop new analytic competencies that will deliver better customer experiences online.


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