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AsiaInfo Wins Tender to Develop ODS for China Telecom Summary
AsiaInfo will develop a full set of independent ODS solutions for Xinjiang Telecom and Northern Telecom.

Teradata Improves Analytics for Business Users Summary
New capabilities from SAS and Visual Numerics integrated with Teradata Warehouse Miner help streamline the data mining process.

Biobase Partners with InforSense Summary
The partnership will offer mutual customers the ability to access Biobase Knowledge Library products.

Steelscape Seeing Immediate ROI using Bitam's BI Solution Artus Summary
Steelscape implements a BI solution to keep corporate officers informed on where they stand with customers.

Mega International Partners with Shift Technologies and Pelagic Technologies Summary
The new partners will offer local support for MEGA International’s existing customers in their respective regions and will also develop new business opportunities.

Clarabridge Announces Availability of Release 3.0 Summary
Clarabridge incorporates a range of important new customer-driven capabilities.

Teradata Introduces Teradata Warehouse Miner 5.2 Summary
Teradata Warehouse Miner 5.2 embeds 50 new statistical data mining functions from its partners into the Teradata Database.

Software AG Announces 3Com Enters the Second Phase of the IT Transformation Summary
3Com goes into production with the second phase of the IT transformation being powered by the webMethods Suite from Software AG.

Panopticon Releases New Version of Panopticon Developer Summary
Panopticon Developer allows companies to tightly embed Panopticon's visualizations into proprietary business applications.

Panopticon Releases New Solutions for Financial Problems Summary
Panopticon announces the release of four new solutions that solve practical problems for financial services companies.

Tagsys Announces Bobóli's Piloting RFID Deployment Program Summary
Tagsys announces that Bobóli is piloting an RFID development program to effectively track and manage items.

Xactly Corporation Announces Availablily of Benchmark Research Summary
Benchmark research highlights the growing need for companies to improve their sales performance management processes.

Linguamatics Joins Microsoft BioIT Alliance Summary
Linguamtics joins Microsoft BioIT Alliance whose focus is to enhance collaboration and accelerate the pace of drug discovery and development.

MapInfo Releases MapInfo Professional 9.5 Summary
MapInfo Professional 9.5 offers additional data editing and creation tools, supports Oracle Database 11g and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Hess Corporation Selects IBM Cognos BI Summary
Hess Corporation chooses IBM Cognos BI to deliver a full range of business intelligence capabilities.


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