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Olam International Relies on SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management Solutions Summary
Olam International gains unified financial oversight and achieves IFRS-compliant reporting. The SAP BusinessObjects implementation process was carried out in three phases with financial, management reporting and budgeting processes all seamlessly integrated onto the company's existing ERP system.

ShowNearby Releases First Business Intelligence Tool Using OneMap
Quantivo Announces New Milestone for Cloud-Based Analytics Deployment: More Than 20 Billion Data Records Summary
Quantivo sets the bar for the largest cloud-based analytics deployment in the world, hosting more than 20.3 billion transactional data records for a single customer.

Aster Data's Massively Parallel Data Warehouse and Advanced Analytics Solution Now Available on Terremark's Enterprise Cloud Summary
Through this combination of Terremark’s Enterprise Cloud architecture with Aster Data’s solution for data management and analytics, customers will be able to quickly and flexibly deploy and scale a data warehouse that is optimized for advanced analytics.

Saama Technologies Creates BI Life Sciences Practice Summary
Saama Technologies, Inc. announced the creation of a dedicated Life Sciences BI Practice to expand upon its decade of experience within the industry.

Akamai Enhances Its Electronic Software Delivery Platform Summary
Akamai’s Electronic Software Delivery solution set is now designed to allow Akamai customers to create a customized and branded download experience, increase user engagement during the download process, improve conversion rates and garner business-critical download analytics reporting and data.

Information Control Corporation Hits Gold with Agile Data Warehousing Method Summary
Information Control Corporation recently doubled its development speed and nearly eliminated programming defects for its BI services division by converting its DW operations to a Scrum-based methodology.

Report Reveals Organizations Empowering Employees with Predictive Analytics Reap Benefits Summary
The report examines how best-in-class organizations use predictive analytics to predict the future behavior of customers and potential customers.

HELM Analytics and eSignSystems Form Strategic Partnership Summary
Wave Systems Corporation, and HELM Analytics team up to deliver SmartReporting.

Iris Wireless Selects Vertica Analytic Database Summary
The Vertica Analytic Database allows Iris to load over 100 million records per day while keeping billions of CDRs representing months worth of data active for analysis.

Dialysis Clinic Inc. Streamlines Financial Systems with WebFOCUS Summary
The nonprofit healthcare provider plans to extend WebFOCUS reports and dashboards to 260 clinics nationwide.

Attunity Extends CDC and ODR Product Lines with Support for SQL Server 2008 R2 Summary
The Attunity CDC and ODR suite can now capture and replicate changes made to the latest versions of SQL Server, supporting their fast adoption in the market.

DealerTrack Selects a Customer-Facing BI Solution from Information Builders Summary
DealerTrack with the Information Builders WebFOCUS BI platform can help dealers make smarter, more profitable decisions related to customers, sales, inventory and finance.

Oracle Releases Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 Summary
Oracle Berkeley DB 11g Release 2 introduces a new SQL API, based on SQLite.

Sybase 365 Launches Sybase Operator Analytics 365 Summary
Sybase Operator Analytics 365 provides a wide range of reports including message traffic, network utilization, performance indicators and quality of service testing.


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