Channels by Expert

Malcolm Chisholm

Welcome to the Malcolm Chisholm Expert Channel on Enterprise Information Management Channel for the BeyeNETWORK.

This channel is dedicated to covering the new generation of organizational units tasked to manage the information assets of enterprises. Each month I will be examining one aspect of what it takes to make these units successful in a business environment that is becoming ever more reliant on data.

I welcome your comments and questions and any suggestions you may have. Please e-mail them to me at

Bill Inmon

Welcome to the Bill Inmon Channel for the BeyeNETWORK.

Over the years, the most demanding leading-edge practitioners and users have accessed my architecture, design techniques and best practices for the data warehouse through my books, articles and live seminars.

Now, using this faster, interactive Channel, you can electronically access all aspects of data warehousing, including RSS feeds and blogs. The blog, which will provide useful insights and constant commentary on the state of the data warehousing industry, will be hosted by Dan Linstedt. It will allow you to exchange your views with me on a real-time basis. 

Remember, your input makes the Channel relevant and dynamic for all of us.

David Loshin

Welcome to the David Loshin Expert Channel on Information Quality and Data Integration for the BeyeNETWORK.

As our business processes depend more and more on effective collaboration through the sharing and exchange of large amounts of high quality information, our reliance on automation for facilitating that collaboration has grown by leaps and bounds. Both the technology and politics of information significantly affect the way organizations handle their information assets, and this channel is intended to provide guidance for all aspects of information and data quality, data standards, data interchange, and data integration. We will focus on business case analysis, best-of-breed technology, future technology trends, architectural issues, best practices, business information productivity, case studies, semantics, and the organizational and cultural impacts of managing the information asset.

Each month, you will find insights, advice, relevant information, news, interviews, and commentary covering the many aspects of information quality and data integration, and perhaps I'll even sneak in some relevant pieces about the future of information management. Your comments and observations ( are not just welcomed, but preferred, as a way to enhance the value through our shared experiences. And don't hesitate to send me all of your questions or requests for advice I intend to make this channel the center point for all aspects of information quality and data integration!