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The Guinness World Record for the Largest Data Warehouse: A Q&A with Tom Traubitz of SAP Summary
SAP article: SAP sets the Guinness World Record with the World’s Largest Data Warehouse, a 12.1 Petabyte HANA environment.

Topics: Data Warehousing, SAP

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Chasing the Elusive Context Summary
Bill Inmon explains why it's not just the words themselves that are important when interpreting raw text.

Topics: Information Management, Unstructured Data, Text Analytics

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Technology Adoption Success: Subtle Differences Summary
Bill Inmon discusses why some organizations succeed with new technologies and others fail.

Topics: Information Management

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Providing Real Business Value Summary
Bill Inmon reminds us the importance of adopting proven technologies that provide true business value.

Topics: Information Management

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The Changing Role of IT Summary
Bill Inmon looks at the evolution of technology and the role of the IT department.

Topics: Information Management

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Big Data Needs Context Summary
Bill Inmon reminds us that in order to understand unstructured data, especially when dealing with big data, context is required.

Topics: Information Management, Data Warehousing, Unstructured Data, Big data

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What is Metaprocess Information? Summary
Bill Inmon describes metaprocess information and explains its value for today's enterprises.

Topics: Information Management, Unstructured Data

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Is Yours Really a Data Warehouse? Summary
In this article, Bin Jiang looks at the confusing situation that exists because of varying definitions for a data warehouse.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Bin Jiang, Ph.D. | 0 comments
Information Needs: A Single Version of the Truth Summary
Do we need a single version of the truth? Bill Inmon looks at some of the problems that can occur when this foundation of corporate data is not available.

Topics: Information Management, Data Warehousing
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by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Data Warehousing: A Spotlight Q&A with Gertjan Vlug and Steve Aspris of BIReady Summary
In this spotlight interview, Gertjan Vlug and Steve Aspris discuss the BIReady value proposition for data warehousing. They explain that while the cost savings are a major advantage, the greatest advantage is time to market of the solution.

Topics: Data Warehousing

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10 IT Recommendations for the New Year Summary
What better way to start the new year than to make resolutions for improving your IT department? In this article, Bill Inmon provides 10 helpful suggestions that would make great resolutions for 2012.

Topics: Information Management
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Data Warehousing – The Vision Summary
Bill Inmon describes how advances in technology and new data types have shaped the evolution of the data warehouse.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Unstructured Data, Text Analytics

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Business Intelligence without Complexity - A Spotlight Q&A with Scott Opitz, CEO of Altosoft Summary
This BeyeNetwork spotlight features Ron Powell’s interview with Scott Opitz, President and CEO of Altosoft. Ron and Scott discuss Altosoft’s business intelligence philosophy and touch upon Active Intelligence, an Altosoft offering to be announced in 2012.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Big Data Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Mark Troester of SAS Summary
Ron Powell interviews Mark Troester to learn the impact of big data on analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Business Intelligence in the Cloud - A Spotlight Q&A with Dwight deVera of arcplan Summary
Dwight deVera of arcplan talks with Ron Powell about whether it's possible and/or practical to move business intelligence to the cloud.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing

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