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QuickArrow-Pervasive Partnership Leads to Creation of Innovative SaaS Integration Solutions Summary
QuickArrow is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution provider delivering its application via SaaS and integrating with leading sales force automation, CRM, ERP, HR and financial applications using Pervasive Data Integrator.

Topics: Data Integration, CRM, Analytics, SaaS (Software as a Service), Data Management
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Real-Time, Robust Integration – Just What this Healthcare Information Provider Ordered Summary
A supplier of clinical and management information to healthcare organizations, this company faced growing data requirements, with specific concerns to increase availability, contain rising vendor costs and improve support. The company sought to develop an enterprise content management system solution that could scale to accommodate growth while streamlining redundant processes by creating a single repository from which content could be easily managed, reused and repurposed across multiple internal and external channels. Pervasive Software helped the company when it needed to update its existing architecture, delivering reliable, scalable, reusable data integration in a real-time environment.

Topics: Data Integration, Compliance, Customer Data Integration
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Pervasive Data Integrator Accelerates Print-to-EDI Processes Summary
This company provides paper-to-data conversion services that primarily process medical claims information from multiple print to EDI formats for health insurers. Handling hundreds of thousands of clean electronic claims each day, the company’s Mediclaim system removes time-intensive clerical work from claims adjusters’ busy schedules, freeing them to focus on decision-making functions.

Topics: Data Integration, Compliance, Data Quality, Customer Data Integration, Data Profiling, Data Management
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No Data Emergencies for EMP Summary
EMP supplies residency-trained and board-certified emergency physicians to staff and manage hospital emergency departments. At 80 U.S. hospitals and counting, the company provides turnkey programs that offer higher levels of quality patient care, decreased malpractice liability claims, enhanced patient experience, hospital admissions and improved co-pay collections. EMP and its sister company Medical Billing and Financial Services (MBFS) achieve many of these objectives by placing great emphasis on efficiency and accuracy in the administrative and medical billing areas of its business.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Data Quality, Data Warehousing, Customer Data Integration, Data Management
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