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Leveraging AI and Encryption for Secure Data Analytics Summary
Simon Bain, founder and CTO of ShieldIO, and Ron Powell discuss the importance of securing data for analytics and the increasing role of artificial intelligence in data security.

Topics: Analytics, Databases/Database Administration, Privacy & Security, Cloud Computing, Analytical Techniques

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The Five Tenets of Healthcare Business Intelligence: A Spotlight Q&A with Laura Madsen from Lancet Summary
Ron Powell talks with Laura Madsen, Healthcare Practice Leader at Lancet and BeyeNETWORK Healthcare Expert, about how the adoption of business intelligence by healthcare organizations has accelerated due the need to be in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Topics: Business Intelligence

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Different Data Warehouses Summary
Bill Inmon takes a look at data warehousing across a variety of industries.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Data Governance

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Improving Service Line Performance with Healthcare Business Intelligence Summary
Business intelligence and analytics can help to get a comprehensive picture of the standard financial and clinical performance measures and then build on these standard measures to find trends and patterns.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Performance Management

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Business Intelligence Applications for Specialty Healthcare Organizations Summary
The trend over the last few decades has been toward specialization in healthcare services, and business intelligence can be a powerful tool for achieving the business goals for specialty healthcare organizations.

Topics: Business Intelligence

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Healthcare Business Intelligence Success Requires an Analytical Culture Summary
In healthcare organizations – as well as any other industry – analytical processes help you work smarter, not harder. Therefore, it is important to be sure your business intelligence capabilities fit your culture.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence

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Healthcare Business Intelligence Powers Up Run Charts Summary
The real power from using business intelligence data as a feeder for run charts comes from measuring variables that are tracked by different sources.

Topics: Business Intelligence

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The Best in Healthcare Business Intelligence Summary
This article presents a compilation of tips, techniques and best practices for healthcare business intelligence.

Topics: Business Intelligence

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The Future of Healthcare Business Intelligence Summary
The future of healthcare business intelligence will play out at the intersection of the pressing (and, for that matter, chronic) issues in business and policy, and the use of emerging analytical capabilities to create applications to meet these challenges

Topics: Business Intelligence

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Healthcare Business Intelligence: Get Started Now Summary
Healthcare organizations need to progress quickly on the business intelligence maturity path in order to respond to the intense pressure from payers, purchasers, buying groups, governmental authorities and quality watchdog organizations.

Topics: Business Intelligence

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How Chief Financial Officers Use Healthcare Business Intelligence Summary
Faced with the unique complexities of healthcare provider organizations, savvy CFOs turn to business intelligence to measure, manage and improve performance.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Management, Strategy

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