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Building Stronger Customer Relationships with Business Intelligence Summary
With business intelligence, organizations can improve and expand existing relationships and improve customer service using historical information on all previous customer interactions. Chris Colvin provides five steps for using business intelligence to increase customer loyalty.

Topics: Business Intelligence, CRM

by Chris Colvin | 0 comments
Growing Short-Term Business Intelligence Solutions into Long-Term Success Summary
In this article, Chris Colvin describes how organizations implement a long-term business intelligence solution that delivers ROI earlier in the development life cycle.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Analytics

by Chris Colvin | 0 comments
Using Sustainability Performance Management to Drive Economic Goals and Support Brand Values Summary
Markus Sprenger provides two key steps for making sustainability efforts part of a larger performance management process.

Topics: Performance Management, Best Practices, Business Intelligence, Green IT

by Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
Surviving Economic Downturns with Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solutions Summary
This article provides several recommendations for using business intelligence and performance management solutions to positively impact operational efficiencies, cost-cutting efforts and individual employee performance.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence

by Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
Implementing a Successful Business Intelligence Competency Center Summary
Developing a centralized strategy and framework can lead to faster application delivery, greater cost reduction and better decision making.

Topics: Business Intelligence, BI Competency Center

by Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
Business Intelligence: Giving Enterprises More Bang for Their CRM Buck Summary
Business intelligence functionality can add tremendous value when integrated into a CRM implementation.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM

by Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
Top Three Enablers for Scalable Business Intelligence Summary
This article examines the top three enablers of business intelligence scalability: holistic data models, technology tools, and a combination of people and processes.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
High-Impact Business Intelligence Opportunities in the Financial Services Industry Summary
Financial services firms that are business intelligence leaders obtain competitive advantage by leveraging information to acquire and retain profitable customers in order to improve busines performance and financial results.

Topics: Business Intelligence, CRM, Customer Data Integration

by Nancy Williams | 0 comments
The Best Architecture for Business Intelligence Summary
Insight thrives on an integrated technology foundation.

Topics: Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Data Modeling and Design

by Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
The Enterprise Performance Management Leadership Imperative Summary
Successful enterprise performance management deployment demands the right technology, processes and people.

Topics: Performance Management

by Markus Sprenger | 0 comments
The Importance of Data Quality in Service-Oriented Architectures Summary
Successfully implementing and deploying an enterprise-wide SOA is a phased, evolutionary process that requires an enterprise-wide data architecture and all of the associated data quality processes.

Topics: Performance Management

by Sid Frank | 0 comments
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance in the Brave New World Summary
From a legal standpoint, a corporation has every right to look at and monitor corporate communications, and that includes E-mail.

Topics: Data Governance, Best Practices, Compliance

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
The Data Warehouse and Customer Behavior Summary
This is the final article of a five-part series on competitive advantage and the data warehouse.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Best Practices

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
The Data Warehouse and Customer Profitability Cycles Summary
This is the third article of a five-part series on competitive advantage and the data warehouse.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Retooling IT for Compliance Summary
The IT community must lead the effort to sharpen a competitive edge and evolve a more dynamic enterprise.

Topics: Data Governance, Business Intelligence, Compliance

by Claudia Imhoff, Rajeev Rawat | 0 comments