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The Changing World, Part 1 Summary
What is impact of changing business requirements and how can that change be most effectively handled? This is the first article in a four-part series on this topic.

Topics: Business Intelligence, Information Management

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Building Better Business Intelligence Summary
There is a need for a new architecture that serves the needs of the enterprise in the twenty-first century.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Architecture

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
The Different Types of Operational Data Stores Summary
What are the differences between an enterprise ODS and an e-business Web-based ODS?

Topics: Data Warehousing, Information Management

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Data Warehouse and Design Review Summary
Where is design review today in the world of data warehousing and decision support systems?

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
The Life Cycle of Data Summary
A review of the predictable journey of data can assist in technology selection.

Topics: Information Management

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Data Confidence Summary
Data confidence, a critical management success factor, is not automatic. How do you attain it?

Topics: Information Management, Data Quality

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Business Metadata Whither Thou Goest? Summary
Is business metadata worth the hassle?

Topics: Data Warehousing, Metadata

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
BPM 101: Dashboards Summary
This article is the first in a series of comprehensive guides to help you successfully plan and execute all phases of your business performance initiatives.

Topics: Performance Management, KPI, Dashboards

by Craig Schiff | 0 comments
Business Metadata Getting to the Truth Summary
What is business metadata?

Topics: Information Management, Metadata

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
What Ever Happened to Clickstream Data? Summary
Is there gold in the clickstream creek? Maybe setting the expectations as to what can be mined and the resources it will take for mining are more rational and realistic today than they were in the past.

Topics: Data Warehousing

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Business Metadata Back to Basics Summary
Where is business metadata, and why should you find it?

Topics: Data Integration, Metadata, Unstructured Data

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Data Modeling and Unstructured Data Summary
The data model has long been recognized as one of the essentials in the structured environment, but do we need a data model for the unstructured environment as well?

Topics: Data Integration, Data Modeling and Design

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Integration Summary
Textual integration is now rivaling systems integration in importance.

Topics: Data Integration

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Integrating Data Summary
What exactly is meant by systems integration and what is it that ETL does for us that is so valuable?

Topics: Data Integration

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
The Usefulness of Patents Summary
How does a small company produce innovation and capitalize on the advances made in the marketplace?

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments

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