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What Savvy BI Managers Should Know: A Spotlight Q&A with BeyeNETWORK Expert David Loshin Summary
Ron Powell interviews David Loshin to learn the driving forces behind the writing of the second edition of Business Intelligence: The Savvy Manager's Guide.

Topics: Business Intelligence

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
The Ethics of Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence Competency Centers & Incorporating Text Data in BI Summary
The October edition of BI Trends + Strategies," covers the ethics of analytics, business intelligence competency centers, and text data for business intelligence.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Text Analytics, BI Competency Center

by Jean Schauer | 0 comments
Data Warehouse Construction: The Real Life Summary
Bin Jiang looks at current data warehouse processes and explains why a new approach is needed for data warehouse construction.

Topics: Data Warehousing, Architecture

by Bin Jiang, Ph.D. | 0 comments
Delivering Your Data Faster: A Spotlight Q&A with Gary Orenstein of Fusion-io Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight interview, Ron Powell interviews Gary Orenstein, Senior Vice President of Products at Fusion-io, to learn about how flash memory improves the performance of databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, or any enterprise application.

Topics: Information Management, Data Acquisition and Delivery

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Spot Actionable Insights in Big Data: A Spotlight Q&A with Lou Jordano of TIBCO Spotfire Summary
Ron Powell interviewed Lou Jordano, Director of Product Marketing at TIBCO Spotfire for this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight. Lou and Ron discuss the capabilities that differentiate TIBCO Spotfire from the competition.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Unstructured Data, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Solving the Real-Time Big Data Problem: A Spotlight Q&A with Fred Gallagher of Actian Summary
Ron Powell talks with Fred Actian, GM of Actian's Vectorwise, about the real-time access to data that is required to solve business problems when they occur.

Topics: Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Marts, Data Warehousing, Cloud Computing

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Enabling Complex Graph Structures for Big Data: A Spotlight Q&A with Leon Guzenda of Objectivity Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight interview, Ron Powell talks with Leon Guzenda, one of the founders of Objectivity, about Objectivity's history and InfiniteGraph.

Topics: Analytics, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Predictive Analytics: Classification Using Decision Trees Summary
In this article, David Loshin explains an analysis technique for predictive analytics.

Topics: Analytics, Predictive Analytics

by David Loshin | 0 comments
What is Metaprocess Information? Summary
Bill Inmon describes metaprocess information and explains its value for today's enterprises.

Topics: Information Management, Unstructured Data

by Bill Inmon | 0 comments
Data Warehouse Construction: Behavior Pattern Analysis Summary
In this article, Bin Jiang analyzes the typical programming process used for ETL mechanism construction.

Topics: Data Warehousing, ETL

by Bin Jiang, Ph.D. | 0 comments
Enabling Big Data Analytics Inside of Hadoop: A Spotlight Q&A with Justin Borgman of Hadapt Summary
In this Spotlight interview, Justin Borgman, Co-Founder and CEO of Hadapt, talks with Ron Powell about their unique value proposition for Hadoop, explaining how they enable their customers to bring applications, toolsets, and skills to the Hadoop ecosystem and interact with it via SQL.

Topics: Analytics, Hadoop

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Analytics The Next Wave of Big Data: A Q&A Spotlight with Steve Wooledge of Teradata Aster Summary
For this BeyeNETWORK Spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Steve Wooledge, Senior Director of Marketing at Teradata Aster. Steve and Ron discuss big data and the struggle companies face as they try to extract value from that data.

Topics: Analytics, Big data, Hadoop

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Real-Time Continuous Insight with Big Data Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Dale Skeen of Vitria Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Dale Skeen, CTO of Vitria. Dale explains Operational Intelligence and how it differs from operational business intelligence. Dale explains the benefits of Operational Intelligence for analyzing social media data, one of the largest sources of big data today.

Topics: Analytics

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Data Integration for Big Data Analytics: A Q&A Spotlight with John Whittaker of Quest Software Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK spotlight interview, Ron Powell talks with John Whittaker, Director of Product Marketing, Database Management at Quest, about how to accomplish the data integration required for big data analytics in a way that meets the needs of business users and provides the data governance and security required by IT.

Topics: Data Integration, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Governance, Big data

by Ron Powell | 0 comments
Big Data Integration and Business Analytics: A Spotlight Q&A with Quentin Gallivan of Pentaho Summary
In this BeyeNETWORK spotlight, Ron Powell interviews Quentin Gallivan, Chairman and CEO of Pentaho. They discuss big data integration and analytics and how Pentaho's product suite allows companies to more easily integrate open source components such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases

Topics: Data Integration, Analytics, Business Analytics

by Ron Powell | 0 comments

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